Hillbillies Gather In Huge Numbers

Hillbilly Days is an annual festival held in Pikeville, Kentucky. Hillbilly Days is much like any other festival except there are hillbillies everywhere you look!

I have visited the Hillbilly Days festival a few times and I have to tell you that I am not too impressed by it. But that’s just me. The only part I really enjoyed for myself was the live bluegrass music and of course it is fun to watch the kids have fun.

As far as I can tell Hillbilly Days is just like any other festival I have checked out – over commercialized. Maybe it has always been that way, but it seems like when I was a kid there was a lot more to a festival than vendors selling highly over priced souvenirs and food.

I’m really not sure what big orange panties and big clown polka dotted ties have to do with hillbillies, but hey it looks like they are having some fun there.

Well, I didn’t  intend on bumming you out about this festival but if I didn’t and ya wanna read more about Hillbilly Days here is the official site – http://www.hillbillydays.com

Hillbillly Days Pikeville Kentucky 2001

Hillbillly Days Pikeville Kentucky 2001


7 Responses to “Hillbillies Gather In Huge Numbers”
  1. artistscorner says:

    Those panties are his girlfriends, Big Bertha! She couldn’t be there that day, and ol’ Lemuel had to have a keepsake of her wherever he went. Big Ties? Man, you’re like sooo ten minutes ago fashion wise. Why thats the new look! The In-Thang. Actually it’s an updating of the hillbilly stereotype to it’s current corruption in the new millenia.

  2. JD says:

    I have been to Hillbilly Days several different times. We usually spend 100 to 200 dollars there.

  3. clash says:

    Correction: those panties belong to the fourth most attractive hillbilly woman, Lulu Roman. What a lucky man!
    And I am moving to Pikeville.

  4. The Crazy Hillbilly says:

    Yeah, I can believe that! Everything is so expensive at festivals like that.

  5. gabby justice says:

    umm, excuse me ,, i have lived in pike county my whole life and i havnt missed hillbilly days once… and if u didnt likeit then stay the hell away from it…

  6. The Crazy Hillbilly says:

    Uh excuse me but why do you have to be so hateful and rude about it? You like what you want and let others alone to like what they like OK? This world would be so much better of a place if people like you wouldn’t be so rude and hateful to others. You dont like this blog? Then you can just stay away 🙂

  7. Rose Maretta Justice says:

    I left Pikeville after the second flood and came north. Why don’t we use this thread to see where we all went, and what we are doing now. I get back to Pikeville, KY every few years
    for runions and such. Most of my kinfolk are gone but buried there in Pikeville, KY.

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