Hey Pappy Daddy Grampa!

Just a generation or two ago many hillbillies still didn’t know the exact details of how a baby came to be. In fact a lot of them didn’t know any general details either. A couple generations ago I didn’t know anything about the subject myself, but that was mostly due to my age, which was none.

This man and his daughter had been having some special family lovin’. One day he was surprised by the arrival of a newborn son, errr uhhh grandson, well in any event a kid was born and wasn’t expecting it. Little buddy, your daddy-papaw loves you and you’re gonna grow up to be a fine plow boy someday!

Hey Pappy!

Hey Pappy!

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4 Responses to “Hey Pappy Daddy Grampa!”
  1. artistscorner says:

    Bun in the oven!

  2. clash says:

    In my honest opinion, the world needs more hillbillies. Keep ’em comin’ Ma and Pa.

  3. James says:

    Now that is a hot looking little hillbilly girl! I love the flour sack, I wonder if I can get my wife to wear something like that…

  4. Hwylady says:

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